Meet WeWebinar

WeWebinar allows you to chat with anyone, anywhere – safely, comfortably and reliably. We would like to present you with an application allowing you to freely teach training course, and organize conferences, video chats, online presentations and business meetings.

Video conferencing is made available through a simple and reliable tool. Teach workshops, instruct others and present content to people all around the world without leaving your office. Use WeWebinar as part of the WeLMS platform, or as a separate utility.

The WeLearning Team


  • Virtual whiteboard – display presentations, photographs and documents and reference them throughout the meeting. Outline, draw and write on the board. Allow users to do the same.
  • Beaming your screen – share your desktop or select parts of it.
  • Chat – quick and efficient communication with other participants.
  • Tests and online surveys – ask a question and check the answers.
  • Over 40 language settings – organize courses for foreign partners.
  • Moderator tools – invite participants to a conversation, silence them or give them voice – conduct the webinar/meeting in accordance with your rules.
  • Display settings – decide for yourself what is important in your presentation and change the program’s layout with a single click.
  • Recording webinars – record your talk and upload it into the system for other participants to see.

What do you get?

Regardless of whether you are a trainer providing a course for a group of users, an academic teacher delivering an online lecture, or an employee going over a presentation for a business meeting, the system will meet your expectations and address your needs.


Converse using a safe, encrypted connection and take advantage of tested solutions. Everything takes place within your domain, for your employees’ eyes only.


WeWebinar is designed with consideration for users with no IT skills. It is intuitive and easy to use.


Try our system out for free for 30 days. See how reliable and capable it is and decided whether or not you are interested in purchasing further access. Contact us to learn the details of the offer.


If you’re seriously thinking of accepting our services, you should be aware of the risks involved: flawless support service at every step of our partnership. Make no mistake – we will adjust the offer to suit your needs. Contact us. Tell us something about your project and the number of people who are going to be using the application, and you will be informed about our pricing within 24 hours.