How do you teach effective conversational skills, decision making, or infrastructure planning and maintenance using modern technologies? That’s easy – by developing an educational game which simulates a given environment and allows the user to practice. These may be both simple games oriented around making decisions and taking different paths, or more complex simulations showing how to effectively perform a given task. If your company currently has to cope with e.g. alarmingly high bills resulting from the use of company vehicles or high power bills resulting from the use of air conditioning – we’ll find a way to fix that. We’ll devise challenging tasks for your employees, build a simulated environment and effectively convey all the required knowledge and skills. The player will be confronted with practical goals they must accomplish, allowing them to see and experience real change. It’s a great technique for effective teaching.

Games provide a nice reminder of our care-free childhood. We associate them with having fun, but everyone knows that having fun is really the best way of learning new experiences. We know how to produce intelligent and effective educational games in a cost-effective manner.

The WeLearning Team