The topics of training courses often include rules of conduct, short problems, or a review of the most important elements and key terms. Often, these are short training forms which last between 1 and 3 minutes. Presenting them may be problematic if we want the material to be memorable and interesting. In response to this problem, and drawing upon our past experience, we have introduced the option of providing “Dynamic training presentations dedicated to e-learning”.

Getting the user’s attention – that’s the key to making the information you attempt to convey memorable. This task has become harder in recent times, since according to a report coming from Associated Press Reported, people’s attention span drops down with each coming year. A dynamic presentation is the perfect medium for easily attracting the attention of the audience.

Contrary to the popular saying saying, a picture is not just worth a 1000 words. If the picture in question is a vivid animation or presentation, it is worth far more. No matter whether our animations are parts of training courses, presentations, or independent sources of information, we guarantee them to be attractive and effective.
WeLearning Team

A sample, effective animation