Holding up a smart phone puts the entire world within our reach. We can access our mail, contacts, social media, calendars and a number of other apps. Why shouldn’t we use mobile phones for learning as well, gaining new knowledge in a professional and structured way? We are witnessing an unparalleled revolution in the world of technology. Anything we used to do on our personal computers can now be done on our phones instead. “Mobile” sells. Let’s give it a chance.

At WeLearning, we know how to produce dedicated training courses for mobile devices and how to make them effective and intuitive. We can also produce fully responsive courses, which may be displayed on any device – an average PC, a tablet or a phone. The only restricting factor is our imagination.

Training courses may be launched on the WeLMS platforms, which is adapted to mobile devices as well. This guarantees that the employees taking part in the course are fully supported by an IT system which makes sure their experience remains smooth, while their supervisors obtain all the relevant statistical data.

Our experience clearly shows that only few courses are effective in the m-learning format. The issue is not the technology itself, but rather than the choice of subject and the target audience. If you want to be sure you’re making the right decisions, contact us and take advantage of our consulting services.

The WeLearning Team