How do you review information and convey it in a short and user-readable way without wasting too much time? Confront your needs and our experience and see where it may be worth taking advantage of knowledge pills in your e-learning courses.

Short courses, dynamic animations, Rapid-Learning courses, mLearning courses, games and vLearning – each one of these formats may be condensed into “knowledge pill” content and serve as a means of refreshing information or as a consecutive stage of the training. Knowledge pills may also provide new educational content in graphic, presentation, recording or video format. Their main advantage is allowing users to learn a lot within a couple of minutes.

A knowledge pill is a short, concise piece of content provided to the user in a quick and efficient manner. A major advantage of this educational format is the ability to convey information on  mobile devices.

Using knowledge pills is a short but intense way of learning that provides the most important information in an appealing form. They are fast to produce and accessible from almost all devices with an internet connection. Knowledge pills are a great addition to the company's training strategy

The WeLearning Team

The short educational format of knowledge pills can be widely applied. In a fast and simple way, they can convey very specific knowledge, helping the user solve or diagnoze the problem. They may also complement more advanced courses, e.g. by reminding the users about the most important aspects of the training. Knowledge pills are also a perfect means for reviewing all the most important information long after the training is complete. The user can simply recover the most important rules without seeing them illustrated in great detail.