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We provide not just incredibly functional and ergonomic e-learning systems, but most importantly comprehensive support, development, administration and management. If you do not wish to worry about technical aspects associated with managing the platform, we will take care of these things for you. You will be able to pick the time, place and manner you find comfortable. If you want to know more – by all means, contact us.

If you’d like to double-check your plans for the e-learning platform, learn how others do it and what results they have achieved, take advantage of our consulting services.

The WeLMS learning platform has been created in order to provide best possibly support for online training courses. It provides a number of options for teamwork and interaction via an icon-based interface. The system has been translated into 40 languages, allowing it to be easily implmeneted in international companies.

The system provides tools for building content (an internal editor for classes), preparing tests, designing tasks, reports, an internal mailing system, a discussion forum, a chat room, a calendar and many other features. All of it is supported by the popular standard SCORM 1.2.

The main aim of the platform is providing an intuitive and easy-to-use system for managing online courses along with a rich ability to interact with the end user.

„When designing the WeLMS platform, we prioritized implementing the three most important principles of modern e-learning platforms: making our platform flexibile, intuitive and functional”.
The WeLearning Team

There are many highly multifunctional e-learning platforms on the market, but adjusting them to the client’s specific needs usually means additional time and money must be spent on programming. But can anyone possibly make things any easier? We can – over at WeLearning, we focus on actual flexibility! Our system allows all functions to be freely enabled and disabled with a single click. This makes implementation quick and inexpensive, and the client can make their own decisions regarding functions they want to take advantage of. The system can also be freely reconfigured at any time while it remains active.

Many companies attempt to provide solutions based on their own innovative ideas aimed at revolutionizing user experience – but are they taking the right approach? Not at all, because for the users themselves, simplicity and familiarity are the most important factors. We take this fact into account. We have created a platform which makes use of the most popular standards used in Computer Science, familiar solutions, and predictable patterns of behavior. The resulting system is comprehensible and intuitive for everyone.

A modern e-learning platform must be flexible and intuitive in order to reach two tremendously important goals:

Nowoczesna platforma e-Learningowa musi być elastyczna i Intuicyjna dla realizacji dwóch niezmiernie istotnych celów:

  1. Providing the widest range of functions facilitating effective training and learning.
  2. Ensuring the widest range of administrative tools for managing the training.procedures.

Since WeLMS functionality is supported by the flexible and intuitive design of the platform, it is the perfect solution for any project. WeLMS may be freely configured. On top of that, we update the platform with new functions and modules for specific clients, which ensures the growth and expansion of the platform with every new company we work with!

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The range of functions of modules available through WeLMS should be fluid. The client must retain the choice of changing their selection when switching their priorities or tasks. WeLMS must provide functions which are necessary at any given moment with just a couple of clicks. Therefore, we aim to provide as many functions as possible, while retaining the ability to manage them in a simple and intuitive way.


The WeLMS module for managing training courses is a really simple and at the same time highly functional. Our platform allows you to produce courses and make use of resources you already have. Every SCORM course can be expanded with additional, external elements such as tests, surveys, forums, blogs, videos, webinars, articles and all sorts of documents. The system also allows training courses to be copied and edited, providing a simple way to use existing content and settings in new ways.

You may sign users up for any course available on the platform – every other platform lets you do this much, but WeLMS is more versatile than that. Our platform allows you to configure the self-registration of users and mark courses as either optional or obligatory. Information on the courses available through the platform may be shared with guest users, e.g. in order to convince them to register an account or purchase courses available on the platform.

WeLMS relies on the standard model for managing users and creating user databases for e-learning platforms. You may important users from an external file or an external system, add them using special forms, or simply allow them to self-register. WeLMS lets you create user groups and reflect the client’s company structure. User data can be updated in real time, allowing WeLMS to keep track of changing responsibilities and turnovers.

WeLMS allows you to efficiently manage permissions and assign relevant roles. We move beyond basic options such as administrator and trainer functions. WeLMS allows you to introduce an arbitrary number of roles with a flexible system of permissions. Every role specified in the system may involve different rights and abilities. This way, we can assign relevant competences to employees in different positions, e.g. some may be allowed to manage courses, while others may only see reports of their subordinates. The system of WeLMS permissions offers the best option for making the management of e-learning content easy for any organization.

Notifications are an important part of the training process and an effective tool for the system’s administrators. The mechanism allows for informing employees that they’ve been registered for a course, reminding them about a deadline for accessing a course or a test, and sending out important information regarding training plans or available Webinars. WeLMS is equipped with an automated system for generating notifications, messages and reminders because we know that the task of managing a large number of users should be made as simple as possible.

Reports and statistics are the biggest advantages an e-learning platform can offer in contrast with other IT systems. They allow you to keep track of the training progress and provide data on the results and time of completion. WeLMS reports let you do even more – they make it easy to evaluate training courses and finding gaps in users’ knowledge, allowing you to diagnose problems with training courses. Reports may be displayed for specific courses, people, user groups, or for the entire system. Each report may be saved to an external MS Excel or PDF file. WeLMS statistical data and reports may also be ported to other programs and IT solutions

WeLMS is equipped with a variety of tools for communication. The platform implements:

  • Chatrooms
  • Discussion boards (forums)
  • Notice boards
  • Newsletters (allowing for e.g. sharing terms/thoughts of the day/week)
  • Blogs
  • Messages and e-mail/pop-up notifications
  • Videoconferencing system (WeWebinary)

Any of these functions may be enabled globally for the whole system or attached to a specific course, exercise or activity.

Something we bore in mind while developing WeLMS is the fact that every organization has access to a large amount of stored knowledge, though not necessarily in the form of e-learning courses. WeLMS allows you to create a real knowledge base collecting all documents required for performing tasks and employee training. The module also allows for version control and updating documents, notifying the users in the process.

WeLMS comes with a multitude of other functions which would take too long to describe. But do bear in mind that our platform provides:

  • Security
  • Gamification
  • Calendars
  • Payments
  • API
  • Traditional learning
  • Integration
  • Technical and content support

WeLMS – unique solutions

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Appearance and graphic design

What makes our approach to the appearance of the WeLMS platform revolutionary? The way the platform looks is entirely flexible. You can change the appearance of the system at any time using a number of available themes. Each theme may be freely edited, while the order of pages can be changed with a simple drag&drog interface. The system may be extended with new themes, which are easy to implement. Thanks to our solutions, the design of the system may be adjusted to the user base or even date, e.g. introducing a special layout for the New Year’s Eve or the company’s 10th birthday. The flexibility of WeLMS drastically reduces the amount of time necessary to adopt the platform to the needs of a specific client or their corporate design.

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Customizing functionality and licensing

What makes our approach to managing WeLMS functions revolutionary? The platform’s functionality is fully customizable. Activating and deactivating specific modules and functions does not require programming or calling IT experts. The client can change their mind at any moment and decide on a different set of functions by simply altering the settings for users. WeLMS is released with a clear and readable license providing you with a lot of potential. We do not restrict the clients’ rights on the use of any of the modules or charge extra for using them. By investing in WeLMS, you are certain that you have everything you need for implementing e-learning courses today and in the future.