It’s good to see you here because we have a wide variety of exceptional e-learning solutions just for you. We are not your average e-learning provider. In addition to our products, functionality and technologies, we can offer our experience, support and a unique methodology for producing and evaluating e-learning projects.

We specialize not just in training courses, but also in the use of e-learning in advertising, facilitating customer service and complaint filing, promoting and building brands, improving sales – or any combination of the above. We offer a wide variety of services because we can see solutions others don’t see.


ELearning - What we do best

E-Learning Courses

Our main specialty are courses without plots, characters and complicated stories – just interactivity, visuals and efficiency – though obviously we are not afraid to include a plot if the training material calls for it! We have developed a successful strategy for producing courses in which the storyboarding is no longer a key issue. If you are tired of being forced to sift through dozens of pages of documents, our offer will be perfect for you.

V Learning

We produce professional video training courses in which “talking heads” are replaced by real scenarios and the ability to make decisions, look at comments and view media content. The course may take place anywhere and concern any topic. The courses are highly realistic, convey lots of information within a short time and immerse the audience, since everybody enjoys watching movies. In addition, the price of v-learning courses we produce may be comparable to that of standard courses.

E-learning Platforms

Here at WeLearning, we are well aware that functionality is not everything, which is why we offer complex services reducing the amount of work on the client’s part to a minimum. We are always available, in order to do your job for you or help you every step of the way. We offer a number of e-learning platforms, since we know that a single system may not suit every client. We know our business and will happily help you select a system matching your current and future needs.

Knowledge Pills

Passing a course is not enough. Knowledge must be reviewed every now and then. That is why we produce “knowledge pill” content in various media formats, summarizing course content or serving as a standalone source of information. These may be dynamic presentations, decision-driven minigames, quizzes, or video recordings. The variety of formats will ensure your company’s training program is relevant and interesting!

Educational Games

Educational games are one of the most efficient learning methods. By providing a game instead of a training course, you will teach your audience to understand decision-making processes along with their consequences and advantages. The term “game” implies leisure, but that is not necessarily the case. E-learning games are simply simulations of reality – real processes, real actions, real events. Through these simulations, the user learns from their own mistakes, correcting them until they acquire a sufficient level of proficiency. Learning through actions is the most efficient form of learning, and educational games take full advantage of this fact.


Gamification may be a buzzword, but here at WeLearning, we understand it is not all about points or badges. Will obtaining a new badge or a higher score motivate someone straight away? Certainly not. We have tested a number of relevant concepts in practice, both in Poland as well as with our international partners. See how we can help motivate your employees.


Is mobile training possible? Definitely, assuming a course is well designed and properly implemented. Another important issue is understanding the most effective formats and scopes for different courses. Experience in this matter is a key factor, since mobile phones, although widespread, are highly specific devices, especially when used as tools for training. If you are considering using mobile phones for instructional material – contact us – and we will inform you about successful projects.

Animations and Presentations

Enough with the boring definitions and the plain text! We know how to animate definitions, phrases and standards, and how to turn them into an interesting element which engages users instead of putting them to sleep. The format is perfect for emphasizing the most important training content, displaying text in a modern, memorable and user-friendly way. Obviously, animations and presentations are supported by infographics, sound and voice recordings.

Educational Websites

Creating an educational or training website is a major challenge. Only a well-designed site will fulfill its purpose and match expectations. In order to create such a website, you need a partner with lots of experience and keeps track of the most recent trends and solutions. A partner who can take care of the advertising and marketing and make sure it attracts lots of users. We can match these expectations, since marketing and websites are a big part of our business.