Each year, more and more people move away from reading Google results in favor of watching YouTube videos. We would much rather watch a movie than read an article. That is why v-learning is a particularly worthwhile alternative to standard e-learning courses – it reflects the preferences of the users, making them more interested and helping them learn more actively.

Is watching a movie an effective way of learning? Of course! The format allows for the creation of many interesting courses. Sales scenarios, product demonstrations, workshops, showcasing technologies and devices, outlining rules of conduct, expert talks, debates and much more. V-learning is often a more effective and practical means of learning than standard e-learning. V-learning may also serve to expand the material of every course.

The price of producing v-learning courses may be comparable to that of standard courses.

WeLearning produces professional educational videos in accordance with the SCORM standard. As a result, we can retrieve detailed reports concerning e.g. how much time the user spends displaying the video. Of course, the effectiveness of learning this way depends on a number of factors, outlined below.

Many still do not realize that v-learning has become an integral part of educational media. All of us are familiar with it – after all, who hasn’t watched DIY or cooking videos on websites like YouTube? It’s about time to seriously include v-learning alongside other e-learning services.

The WeLearning Team

We focus on

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We invite our clients to include their own employees as actors. This makes the course realistic and improves its reception among other employees. It allows the staff to learn from people they recognize – people who teach training courses at their company, in-company experts, or “people from the same place” in general. The real challenge involves convincing the employees to allow themselves be recorded for v-learning purposes.

There are also training courses which require acting skills, role playing (e.g. an angry client), which is why we may always provide a team of professional actors.

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Not just recordings

All videos may be improved through a range of media content. Images, backgrounds, text, comments, sounds and other media will make the recording far more interesting. Additions like these also make it easier to clarify difficult topics through v-learning. On top of that, icons and images make it easier to memorize presented material.

But we can go even further than that. Apart from standard recordings, WeLearning may produce interactive movies in which the user may affect the events of the movie by making decisions and asking questions. In short, we provide interactive v-learning as well.

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Place and format

V-learning content may be produced in our own studio, but may also be recorded at your company’s office or production plant, outdoors, or against a specific backdrop. Recording may take place at any time, e.g. after hours.


We are specialists in this field. If you have content you would like to illustrate in the v-learning format, contact us. We will propose a concept, suggest a script and provide you with a valuation. It’s less expensive than you might expect, and much more effective than standard training courses.

How much will this cost?

If the notion of producing a v-learning course makes you think of the kind of budget one would expect from a Hollywood production, it is about time to change that. V-learning is less expensive than you might imagine! The cost of producing an average 60-minute movie is equivalent to producing an hour-long, intermediate-level e-learning training course. If you feel like it, you can afford to make e-learning more attractive by introducing video content.